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4.1 games to converse, question and with

I'm a great believer in the games a parent and child can play, particularly mental ones that can be played whenever you are waiting in a queue, pencil and paper games (most of which could easily be made into a virtual web - perhaps I only need to invent one popular one of those to buy back more parenjting time from other jobs)

parent and kid can interview each other about the games we already play, what games to invent next; and parent to parent loops could exchnage experiences

by nine, I certainly recommend playing mental hangman (the unfortunate english name for the game where one person thinks of a word, and the other guesses letters in the word being told which guessed do or do not exist in the word). In the original game, you get about 10 lives (wrong guesses). You win if you get the word before your 10 lives run out). We don't bother with that in the mental game. Its a good game for building up vocabulary, spelling and mental visualising. It's also a game that puts you in the flow with your child to ask what other learning games could we play or invent.

For example my daughter likes puzzles and jokey conundra (I expect for the good reason that these are socially u on the playground at 9), but I would also like to start elevating these from the trivia to the deeper. I am wondering right now if I could cull shakespeare for 10 of his most all purpose quotes.
What's the most learning-full one on love that Juliet utters?
What's the most relevant one on how fools manage to resolve political conflicts by having the licence to openly question powerful people in ways nobody else has?
The parent needs to know a few most puzzle-rich quotes by heart before being able to introduce this puzzle game at any bus-stop or other space when you happen to have some idling conversation time with your kid.

If you have a Shakespeare quote that you feel makes a wonderful 9-13 year old discussion puzzle, I would love it if you could log it up here. thanks